1. louis & harry » a moment that made me want to fling myself off a cliff

  2. punkbread:

    i hate it when kids are assholes you cant even punch them or anything cause theyre like 9 and they know this those smug little shits

  3. bruhcardi:

    when u take off ur iphone case and it feels like ur holding a newborn

  4. tastykake:

    Taylor Swift vs. Avril Lavigne - We are Complicated

    #this sounds like the act 1 finale of a teenage lesbian jukebox musical

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  6. "Louis texted me a few weeks ago saying 'I’m in Dubai and your song’s on the radio' I was like what! That’s just insane. I didn’t know it was playing in Dubai!”

  7. People always think as a young actor you’ve got to be perfectly groomed all the time,I don’t know about other people, but that’s not really the case for me. Though, y’know, when I’m down in London I like to make a bit of an effort. Show the southerners what Mancunian style is really all about. x

  8. handcuffharry:

    does zayn sing like an angel or do angels sing like a zayn